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Protect you and your family from the unexpected


Critical Illness Insurance Plan

When faced with a critical illness diagnosis, a Critical Illness Insurance Plan will provide a lump sum of funds so that you can focus on your health and not worry about making ends meet.

Disability Insurance Plan

A Disability Insurance Plan allows you to have an income when you are unable to work because of a long-term or short-term disability, providing you with financial stability.

Life Insurance Plan

At the event of your death, a Life Insurance Plan helps those you leave behind, lessening their financial burden and replacing lost income.

Long-Term Care Plan

There are times when you may face long-term health issues that require additional care support. A Long-Term Care Plan is designed to help fund the support care you need to perform your day-to-day activities.

Health and Dental Insurance Plans

Health and Dental Insurance Plans provides you with additional health and dental support that is not covered by our province’s health card, such as drug and eye wear prescriptions, and basic dental needs.


MemberPLAN is a benefits program that offers life insurance, dental, prescription drugs, extended healthcare and long-term disability coverage to our members who presently do not have coverage. For more information call 1-800-563-3300 to speak to one of our Wealth Management Advisors.

Travel Insurance

Convenient coverage that provides peace of mind protection and worry-free security while travelling. Unique coverage protection rated specifically for the area of destination, along with convenient annual coverage for longer or frequent trips.

Insurance also available to visitors to Canada (hospital/medical), individual or family coverage and optional plans - trip interruption/accident death and disablement. For more information call 1-800-882-5246.

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Make your shopping more rewarding

Our credit cards ensure you get more of what you want with every dollar you spend – whether that’s cash back, travel rewards or the latest merchandise.

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Manage your money with even more ease

From income tax services to foreign exchange, we offer a wide range of additional services to make managing your finances even easier with us.