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The core values of NLCU are inspired by our commitment to our people and our communities. For more than six decades, the spirit of those values have inspired us to provide exceptional service to our members every day.

Social responsibility is a deeply-rooted core value that we all share at NLCU. It motivates us to serve our communities with the same dedication and care as our members.

Our credit union has proudly supported numerous initiatives and organizations over the years, many of which have helped sustain or improve important services and programs that enhance local, national and even international communities. We established our own Scholarship Program to help our young graduates in their pursuit of post-secondary education. Through NLCU's establishment and continuing support of the NLCU Charitable Foundation, well over $1 million has been donated to charities since 2002.


Community Support

Each year, NLCU supports community groups and intiatives whose values that align with our own and whose efforts enhance our communities and the well-being of fellow Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.

We take a broad, inclusive approach to bettering our province, making a conscious effort to sponsor different inititatives across the province whose events, programs, and services benefit local communities or have a province-wide impact. The kind of support we provide includes:

  • Volunteer support. We have an incredible team of professionals who share our credit union’s dedication to improving our communities and the lives of our people through volunteerism. NLCU works with community groups to provide a reliable, enthusiastic volunteer force.

  • Partnership support. We have many resources at our disposal to assist community groups, such as marketing expertise, promotional materials, and the use of equipment like facsimiles and photocopiers. We also actively participate in fundraisers, helping a community group bring awareness to their efforts to raise funds for a particular program or service.

  • Sponsorships. We provide monetary support to local community groups and organizations whose projects and initiatives help to enhance the communities where we live and work. Typical sponsorships range from $50 to $250. At times, NLCU may provide larger sponsorships to initiatives that have a significant impact and reach.

If you would like our support with a community group, initiative, program, or service, please visit your local NLCU branch and speak with the Branch Manager .

To request sponsorship of an event or organization, please email us. Please provide as much detail as possible in your request.