Chequing Packages

NLCU offers several chequing options, from basic, no-frills chequing to a combination of chequing and other frequently used services.

The convience of a chequing account without all the services provided in a package plan.

Masterplan Basic
Ideal if you have minimal chequing service needs.

Gives you access to a broad range of chequing services.

Masterplan Plus
Provides you with a broad range of chequing services and the bost-savings benefit of a chequing package plan.

My Account Basic
Gives you access to electronic chequing transactions.

My Account Unlimited
A great package if you prefer electronic chequing transactions and want const-savings benefit of a package plan that includes unlimited transactions.

US Dollar
The plan you need if you regularly conduct transactions in US currency.

Student Super Saver No-Fee Chequing Account
Saves you money if you're a full-time student.

If you are 59 years of age and over, enjoy the plan features with no monthly fee


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