Additional Services

As life becomes more complicated, we simplify it with the convenience and dependability of our services.

NLCU is excited to announce the Cross Border Debit Service. You can now use your NLCU debit card to make a purchase or pay for a service at more than 2 million retail locations in the United States. Your payment will come directly from your NLCU account, much like making an ATM cash withdrawal.

Some benefits of Cross Border Debit Service:
No need to carry a lot of cash
     - Quick and easy check-out
     - Avoid credit card interest charges
     - Get cash back at participating supermarkets and pharmacies and many other retailers saving
       time and avoiding a trip to the ATM

So the next time you take a trip to the U.S., remember your NLCU debit card. It’s a convenience you can count on.

To see a list of participating vendors, view the following link:



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