Eco-Friendly Vehicle Loan Rebate

Purchasing an Eco-Friendly vehicle (hybrid or electric)? Visit Newfoundland and Labrador Credit Union (NLCU). You may qualify for an Eco-Friendly Vehicle Loan Rebate of 2.5%* or, if you have a chequing account and a direct deposit with NLCU, you may qualify for a 3%* rebate. 

Eco-Friendly Vehicle Loan Rebate Advantages:
          - Flexible repayment schedules and loan insurance
          - No penalties for extra payments
          - Bonus CHOICE REWARDS points available on new loans
          - 2.5% - 3% cash back rebate on your vehicle loan amount (to a maximum of $1,500)
          - No down payment required
          - There is no cap on the amount of the loan and is available up to a 8-year amortization

Consider what you can do with a cash rebate:
          - Auto insurance
          - Extra loan payment
          - Gas purchases
          - Or, start a savings plan

At Newfoundland and Labrador Credit Union, we are committed to providing you with the products, services, and skills that will help you reach your life goals. Call us today at 1-800-563-3300.

*To a maximum of $1,500.



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