Student Lending

Student life should be exciting. You are on the pathway to your career and your main concern should be developing good study habits and balancing your studies with your social life, family and friends. You don't have time to worry about financial matters at this stage in your life. With our range of student products and services we can offer an affordable way to make continuing education possible.

Student Line of Credit

Less stress loan applications and a quick response helps take the worry out of financing your education.

Being a student and preparing yourself for your dream career can be both exciting and stressful. Ease that stress with an NLCU Student Line of Credit.

A Student Line of Credit is an affordable way to make continuing education possible. Students can borrow to assist with the cost of attending a post-secondary educational institution, including community college, university, technical school, and other related expenses. You only have to apply once and advance funds as needed.  There are no annual or monthly fees and you pay interest only on the amount used while attending school.


Confirmation of enrollment is required annually
Loans or lines of credit are available to full or part-time students (a co-signer may be required) at very competitive interest rates*

  • Choice of loan or line of credit
  • While in school, you pay only for the interest on your loan or line of credit
  • Regular loan payments on the principal do not begin until six months after you've stopped being a student
  • An additional 6 months may be negotiated if student is unemployed


  • Repayment amortizations from 5-12 years, depending on loan balance.
  • Credit Life and Disability insurance available
  • Regular loan payments do not begin until 12 months after the student has completed their         
    course of study

Line of credit means you apply once and advance funds as needed. You pay interest only on amount used.

To apply please visit the location nearest you or call toll free at 1-800-563-3300.

*Full-time students - up to $15,000.00 annually (maximum $60,000), Part-time students - up to $3,000.00 annually (maximum $18,000). Over a six-year period. Minimum: three courses per semester

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