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Choose the lending option that’s right for you


Commercial Loans and Mortgages

Need more room to expand? Businesses requiring capital to finance fixed assets, such as real estate, should discuss these plans with one of our knowledgeable employees.

We have the flexibility to view your application and design a loan package with terms, options, and rates to suit your business requirements.

Commercial Leasing

If your business requires new equipment and leasing is your preference, talk to us about this option. NLCU offers commercial leasing services for equipment and other fixed assets through Concentra Financial.

Why Concentra Financial?

  • Lower payments - Financing the same equipment can cost far more per month. Just think what you can do with the extra cash.
  • Designed for you - Concentra Financial offers lease programs for almost any type of business and equipment.
  • Latest equipment - Replace or upgrade at the end of your term. With Concentra Financial, you’re never burdened with outdated equipment.
  • Preserve credit - Concentra Financial expands your available capital without interfering with your established credit.
  • Overcome budget restrictions - You can’t always predict when you’ll need equipment. With Concentra Financial, you can obtain what you need now --- even if it is not budgeted.
  • Pay as you profit - Put the equipment to work and pay as it generates revenue.

We know your business. Let’s work together to design a lease program for the equipment you need.


Commercial Line of Credit

Gain control over the ever-changing demands of your business by borrowing what you need, when you need it. Establishing a line of credit with NLCU can maximize your purchasing power and allow you flexibility in managing your business.

A line of credit provides cash when needed for financing receivables, inventory build-up, seasonal requirements or other cash flow purposes.


Key features

  • Interest paid only on amount borrowed
  • Competitive rates

Small Business Loan Insurance

Select from a wide range of insurance products including small business life, disability and critical illness insurance, plus key-person insurance. Apply at NLCU and your protection could begin right away*.

It's a sensible solution when

  • New borrowing and increased debt raises your risk of financial loss.
  • Family responsibilities rely on income from your business.
  • Business partners share business debts equally.
  • Losing a partner's profit producing ability raises financial concerns.

*For loans under $100,000. Coverage is available on loans up to $500,000.


Letter of Credit

A letter of credit is written guarantee given by NLCU to a beneficiary (the company or person with whom our member has a contract) to pay a specified amount of money in the event that you haven't met your obligations. A letter of credit can improve cash flow, reduce or eliminate your need to provide cash collateral or other security under a contract, and eliminate the need of prepay for products and services, allowing you to use funds for alternate purposes. 


Need a hand finding the lending solution for you? We're here to help!

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Meet your local business experts

Chantal Welsh

Business Centre Branch Manager
NLCU Business Centre
240 Water Street
St. John’s NL A1C 1B7
 (709) 758-0933

Sheila Hynes-Brenton

Commercial Business Advisor
NLCU Business Centre
240 Water Street
St. John’s NL A1C 1B7
 (709) 758-0936

Dwayne Gaulton

Commercial Business Advisor
NLCU Business Centre
240 Water Street
St. John’s NL A1C 1B7
 (709) 758-8265

Dafna Ziv

Commercial Business Advisor
NLCU Business Centre
240 Water Street
St. John’s NL A1C 1B7
 (709) 758-0944

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Our credit cards ensure you get more of what you want with every dollar you spend – whether that’s cash back, travel rewards or the latest merchandise.

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Manage your money with even more ease

From income tax services to foreign exchange, we offer a wide range of additional services to make managing your finances even easier with us.