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At NLCU, we want to make your life easier as a business owner. We understand you need innovative, easy solutions that work fast.

With the newest feature in MemberDirect Business, we can offer you just that. MemberDirect Payroll is an accounting powerhouse for small business owners that allows business members to use their MemberDirect Business online banking system to pay their employees1.

This integrated payroll service does it all:

  • Quickly and easily migrates current payroll data
  • Pays everyone, including full-time, part-time and seasonal2
  • Supports all Canadian bank accounts; no one is out of reach
  • Calculates files and automatically pays all federal and provincial payroll taxes
  • Allows owners to approve payments anywhere in the world. Supports Delegates and Dual Signers
  • Delivers quick summaries of employee deductions and employer contributions for tax payments: CPP, EI, T4s, ROEs and more
  • Improves cash flow because payments are created, sent, and cleared in just 3 business days, rather than 6 - like our competitors
  • Stores all historical data automatically - no more lost pay slips
  • Employees have their own profiles to update personal info, download pay slips and T4s
  • It's safe. Data is secured in state-of-the-art data centres and replicated in several diaster-recovery sites

Want to give it a try?

NLCU is offering a 30-day trial, waiving the monthly fee and charging only a fee-per-payroll deposit ($2.50). Interested business members simply click Payroll, then click Start Trial in their online banking platform.

Members will be sent an automated message to deregister before expiry. If you wish to continue this new feature, the service will cost $18/month + $2.50 per employee payment. Cancellation is available at any time.

1The maximum number of employees a member may register in the system is 100. Should the member wish to register more than 100, they must make that request manually with Payment Evolution. Payment Evolution will register up to a maximum of 250 employees. 

2The total payroll run for any given day can not exceed $100,000.
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Manage your money with even more ease

From income tax services to foreign exchange, we offer a wide range of additional services to make managing your finances even easier with us.