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  • Financing

Borrow for a big business goal

Lending and Leasing

Access the flexible financing you need to expand your business.

Fisheries Loan Guarantee Program

Borrow up to $3 million to help your fishing enterprise grow.

Borrow for ongoing business needs

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Put your everyday business spending to work earning rewards with our range of credit cards.

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Get your business where you want it to go

Your business has its own goals, challenges, and ways of operating ­– and we take the time to understand them all, putting together a financial action plan tailored to work for you now and into the future.

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Protect your business against emergencies

Emergencies happen. Loan insurance ensures they don’t impact your payments, protecting your business from financial stress.

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Build your revenue stream & vendor trust

With an NLCU letter of credit, you can build greater trust with business partners, while still conserving your cash flow for future growth.

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Loan Calculator

Explore what your financing options look like with our loan calculator.

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Mortgage Calculator

See how much mortgage you can afford and what your payments may look like.

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Get support

Need a hand figuring out your financing? We’re here to help!

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payment services

Power up your payment processing

From online ordering to contactless payments, we offer a range of easy, affordable solutions to streamline your payment processing while boosting your customer convenience.

invoicing services

Get paid faster for your great work

With our intuitive invoicing tool, you can create, send, and manage invoices directly from your business account, ensuring you stay on top of your numbers and get paid sooner.