Invoicing for MemberDirect Business

At NLCU, no matter the size of your business, it's still big business to us. That’s why our invoicing system was designed for business owners like you.

•    Create professional invoices with your logo, customer information, line items and totals.
•    Send your invoices by email or print and mail them the old-fashioned way.
•    Track paid, outstanding and overdue invoices effortlessly by matching invoices to deposits.
•    Get paid sooner and stay on top of your businesss expenses.
•    Get a real-time overview of your receivables and make cash flow projections.
•    Output files for your accountant to review and reconcile.

Designed with your business needs in mind, the new invoicing feature appears on your MemberDirect Business dashboard as soon as you've signed up. To create a new invoice, add the company details and logo, customer information, and account/payment information, then click send. You have the option of sending it as an email attachment or printing your invoice for mail or hand delivery. Once you've received payment, match the deposit with the corresponding invoice and the system automatically updates the status for you. It's that simple.

Work less and do more with MemberDirect Business' new invoicing solution for small business.