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Income tax services are available for individuals and small businesses. Experienced tax consultants ensure returns are accurately prepared and screened for all tax deductions, exemptions, and credits using the most up-to-date computer programs.

Expert advice is available on RRSP limits, contributions, income and pension splitting. NLCU can also assist in the preparation of statements, such as income and expenses for rental property, or self-employment. Discounts are available for students and seniors.

Income Tax Tips

  • Did you know that the annual interest paid on the money you borrow to invest in a non-registered investment could be used as a deduction on your tax return?
  • Do you have a parent living with you? You might qualify for the caregiver credit on your personal tax return.
  • Your family's out of pocket medical expenses should be claimed by the spouse with the lower income.
  • An RRSP contribution at the earliest age will increase your potential return on money invested.

Looking to speak to someone about your income tax? We’re here to help!

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Manage your money with even more ease

From income tax services to foreign exchange, we offer a wide range of additional services to make managing your finances even easier with us. 

Turn your vision for the future into reality.

Not everyone’s goals are the same. At NLCU, you define your vision for success, and our local experts create a personalized action plan to get you there.
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