Fat Cat

Financial responsibility can be acquired at any age. Just like learning to ride a bike, children can acquire the skills of handling money through their own NLCU account. That is why we are proud to offer the Fat Cat account.

The Fat Cat account is a special savings account designed for children up to age 12 to help teach money management or to save towards an education. Open a Fat Cat account for someone you know and help teach them the power of saving.  They can never be too young to start.

As a bonus, NLCU celebrates our Fat Cat account holders’ birthdays. We send a fun birthday card, and deposit $5 into their account on the month of their birthday until the child’s 12th birthday.


  • 10 free debit transactions per month*, which include the following:
    • Over-the-counter Withdrawals and Transfers
    • Pre-authorized Payments and Cheque Withdrawals
    • Cash, Cheque and Inter Credit Union (ICU) Withdrawals (within Canada)
    • ATM Withdrawals and Debits (Credit Union/Interac®/Plus)
    • Bill and Loan Payments (ATM, Online, Teleservice)
    • Online Banking Debit Transfers and Inter-account Transfers
    • Debit Card Transactions (CDA/Cross-Border/Online)
    • Interac® e-Transfers


  • Earns money with interest calculated daily and paid monthly
  • Convenient 24-hour ATM access
  • Easy record keeping with detailed semi-annual statement
*No charge with $1,500 minimum monthly balance.

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