Self Service

Running a business involves a busy schedule.  Newfoundland and Labrador Credit Union is giving you back the control over your time and money by provding you with self-service banking. It's all about convenience; self-service solutions that allow you to manage your accounts, pay bills, and transfer funds over the phone, through an ATM  or online -virtually anywhere.

MemberDirect Business
Allows you to better manage your finances with easy-to-use features and gives users access to business accounts anytime, anywhere. MemberDirect Business is specifically designed to offer features that meets the needs of businesses and is fully-integrated with MemberDirect Online Banking and Mobile App.


  • Dual Signature Support: Enables business consumers with a two-to-sign requirement to conduct transactions online. With dual signature support one signer can initiate a transaction and have the other signer approve it.
  • Multiple User Support: Enables delegate user profiles to be created for staff members, advisors or consultants. Signers have the ability to assign permissions to designated users and specify which accounts they can access. Access includes ‘initiator’ and ‘view only’ designation, allowing the signer to control the level of permission of each delegate.
  • Account consolidation: Allows signers to group their personal and small business accounts together, making is possible for them to view account balances and conduct transactions between these accounts using a single login (consolidated accounts are only visible to the signer who initiates the consolidation).
Optional Features:

  • MemberDirect Mobile App and Mobile Web: Complete transactions anywhere, anytime. MemberDirect Business users can review and approve or reject any transaction from their mobile device.
  • MemberDirect Alerts: Be informed about your account activity. Business members can sign up to receive email and/or text alerts each time a transaction requiring their approval is initiated by a delegate or another signer.
  • MemberDirect E-Documents: Eliminate clutter by receiving important documents such as transaction receipts or marketing materials electronically and directly from your financial institution via MemberDirect Small Business.

Automated Teleservice
Allows you access to your accounts 24 hours a day through your telephone. Utilizing your account number, branch number and a 5-digit security code, you can receive balances and transaction information, pay bills or transfer money - all from the convenience of any touch-tone phone.

Newfoundland and Labrador Credit Union"s automated Teleservice Number is 1-800-963-4848. Call your branch to get set up today.

Online Banking
Allows you access to your business accounts 24 hours a day through your computer. Utilizing your account number, branch number and a minimum 5-digit security pass code, you can acquire balances and transaction information, pay bills or transfer money - all from the convenience of your personal computer. You can even find out Newfoundland and Labrador Credit Union current rates and utilize our loan, mortgage and RRSP calculators.

Call your branch today for more information on this easy and convenient method of accessing your accounts.




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