SMS Fraud Alerts

**SMS Fraud Alerts is a new security service from NLCU, beginning Monday, August 19, 2019**

NLCU members with cell phone numbers provided to NLCU will be automatically enrolled in SMS Fraud Alerts.

SMS Fraud Alerts is a 24/7 service that sends interactive mobile text messages directly to cardholders to validate suspicious activity in real time. Responses received from the cardholder will dictate what actions are taken on the account, which would immediately prevent future fraud losses.

How does it work?

When there is suspicious activity the cardholder will be notified through SMS.

How the cardholder responds (Yes/No) will determine what action is taken on the account:

  • A positive response by the cardholder will unlock the account (if previously blocked);
  • A negative response by the cardholder will secure the account and prevent future losses.

Other messages can notify the cardholder to:

  • Contact NLCU for further information or next steps;
  • Attempt a transaction again (if previously declined)
  • Provide opt out instructions and confirmation of termination of service.
Cardholders have 20 minutes to provide a response to a SMS Fraud Alert. If a response is received after this timeframe, the cardholder will be instructed to call NLCU (1-800-563-3300).

Enrollment Process

As of August 19, all NLCU members with cell phone numbers entered in the cell phone number field in HORIZON Banking will automatically be enrolled and opted in to SMS Fraud Alerts.

Cardholder Confirms Fraud

Any time a cardholder confirms fraud via SMS they will be prompted to call NLCU for support.

Opt Out Process

If a member wishes to opt out of SMS Fraud Alerts, they simply text the word “STOP.” Upon receipt of the word “STOP,” the associated cardholder’s mobile number will be deemed “SUSPENDED” and no further alerts will be sent.

Re-Activation Process

If a member who previously opted out of SMS Fraud Alerts wishes to re-subscribe, the mobile number will need to be manually reactivated for the SMS Fraud Alerts service. Please call NLCU at 1-800-563-3300 for assistance.

A fee of $26+tax for reactivation will apply.

As always, NLCU is committed to safeguarding members' security and financial information. For any questions or concerns please call NLCU’s Member Solutions Centre at 1-800-563-3300.