Access your NLCU account at ATMs through the INTERAC®, Cirrus® and EXCHANGE® networks. We have 12 ATMs throughout the province. For specific locations go to find branch/ATM.

Also, as part of the the Exchange Network, NLCU has access to thousands of ding free ATM’s on the ding-free® network across Canada (an ATM network bigger than most banks).

As an NLCU member, you are automatically connected to these thousands of ding-free ATMs all across Canada. Being a “ding free” ATM means that members pay no surcharges at credit union and other participating ATM’s across Canada for withdrawals, deposits and balance inquiries.

To find the nearest Ding-free® ATM on the go, download the ATM locator app (available on Google Play & iTunes)

Exchange ATM locations can be downloaded to your GPS system. As a complementary service to smartphone ATM locators, Garmin and TomTom specific downloads can be made from the EXCHANGE website.

Each file download is dynamically created which means it is 100% up to date with each download. While instructions for every make and model could not be provided, instructions for several Garmin and TomTom GPS models are available.