Collabria Online Banking Integration

NLCU members can now view all their credit union accounts, including their personal Collabria credit card account easily, in one spot by logging into MemberDirect Online Banking.

By linking a Collabria credit card account, members can view their credit card balance, transaction history, and launch MyCardInfo without entering another username or password. The consolidated view feature is available within MemberDirect Online Banking and will provide a more streamlined approach to banking.
Please note this integration is not available for Collabria business credit cards.


•    Available on MemberDirect Online Banking (desktop only);
•    “Link Account” is only available to primary Collabria credit cardholders (business cards and secondary/additional cardholders excluded);
•    “Account View” on Account Summary page includes: Account Name – identifies card type; Primary Card – last four digits of card; MyCardInfo – link for single sign-on; Balance – real-time balance;
•    “Transaction History” displays transactions of all credit cards (primary, secondary, and additional) under the master account;
•    Launch MyCardInfo without the need to enter a username or password;
•    “Delink Account” removes Collabria account link in online banking.

How to link a Collabria credit card:

To link a personal Collabria account to MemberDirect Online Banking, the member must be the primary cardholder for the credit card account and have an active MyCardInfo registration.

When logged into online banking, a ‘Collabria Cards’ section will be listed below credit union account information. There will be an option to link accounts. Once selected, the cardholder must agree to Collabria’s Terms and Conditions, then enter the credit card number and CVV. The member will then receive notification that their credit card has been successfully linked.

For full step-by-step instructions read NLCU’s guide on how to set up your Collabria credit card on MemberDirect.


Why am I getting an error when trying to link my Collabria credit card? Expand/Collapse

•    Verify that you are the primary Collabria account holder. Secondary and additional cardholders are not permitted to link their Collabria card to their online banking account.
•    Verify the card number and CVV were entered correctly.
•    Verify that the DOB on file with Collabria and your credit union matches.
•    Verify that the card is not already linked to another of your accounts.
•    Verify that you are enrolled in MyCardInfo.

Why can’t I link my Collabria business credit card? Expand/Collapse

Business card accounts are not eligible to link in online banking due to the complexity of the account set up and the availability of the Visa Business Toolkit.

The Visa Business Toolkit is free to use and offers three valuable services:
•    Visa payment Controls (VPC) to place limits on transactions;
•    Visa Business Reporting (VBR) to track spending on cards, and;
•    Savings Edge uses statement credits rather than coupons or codes to provide discounts on qualifying purchases at participating merchants.

Can I link multiple Collabria credit card accounts on which I am the primary cardholder? Expand/Collapse

Yes. Multiple Collabria credit card accounts can be linked and will display under the Collabria Cards section of MemberDirect.

Can I link my Collabria credit card to more than one of my credit union accounts? Expand/Collapse

No. If your Collabria credit card is already linked, you will receive a warning message. If you wish to proceed, you can change the link.

Can I link my Collabria credit card in MemberDirect if my card was issued by a different credit union? Expand/Collapse

No. Your Collabria credit card must be issued by the same credit union where your account is held.

Why can’t I link/view my Collabria account in the Mobile App? Expand/Collapse

At present, your Collabria credit card can only be linked and viewed through the desktop site. Other channels will be explored in the future.

Do I have to register for MyCardInfo to link my card? Expand/Collapse

Yes. You must have an active MyCardInfo registration for your accounts to be linked.